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Jigsaw Vs Reciprocating Saw – Uses, Power and Buying Guide

Jigsaw Vs Reciprocating Saw – Uses, Power and Buying Guide

The saw is used for many purposes and it is the right tool for all kinds of restoration jobs. Of all the saw, the most important and used tool is the jigsaw and reciprocating saw. The jigsaw and the reciprocating saw maybe look alike but the purposes of the saw are different. In this article we are going to look into the Jigsaw Vs Reciprocating saw comparison in detail.

Jigsaw Vs Reciprocating saw:


The jigsaw is mostly used for precision cutting and the reciprocating saw is used for the demolition works. By using the jigsaw we can do cross-cutting, plunge cutting, bevelling, and ripping. But the reciprocating saw is not used for these kinds of cuttings and it is commonly used for plumbing, construction, and electrical works.

Using the jigsaw you can cut only the wood, plastic, light metal, and ceramic tiles but a reciprocating saw is used to cut any kind of materials as it has a powerful motor and the cutting process will be faster. Even materials like stone, fiberglass, stucco, and drywall can also be cut by using the reciprocating saw.

The jigsaw doesn’t use for outward trimming purposes and the blades are not very strong. But in a reciprocating saw, it can be used anywhere, and also the blades are easy to replace.


The jigsaw saw is not provided with enough power so it is not used to cut any kind of hard materials. Maybe in a few cases, the jigsaw can cut some tough materials but it can’t be used for continuous heavy tasks.

On the other hand, the reciprocating saw has provided sufficient power to cut any kind of materials like concrete and metal. Also, the reciprocating saw can swap the blades so that the work can be done efficiently and quickly.

The reciprocating saw has a very high raw power which leads to having more amps. So it can cut any kind of tough materials. But the jigsaw doesn’t have brute power so it can’ be used for the demolition works.


Reciprocating saw blades are thicker and stronger, while the jigsaw blades are thinner and more fragile. The reciprocating blades have a knife-like blade with serrated teeth and it is used to cut any kind of materials like stone, metal, wood, and plastic.

While the Jigsaw blade is also similar to the reciprocating blade but the jigsaw blade is narrower than the reciprocating blade. And the jigsaw blade is mostly used for cutting wood for making the bevel cuts and the craving out the signs.

The reciprocating saw blades are said to be a rough cutter but the jigsaw blade doesn’t have the same roughness.


You need to be more careful while using the reciprocating saw blade as the blade has a pushed and pull motion and it is advisable to handle it properly. But in a jigsaw blade, care is needed but it doesn’t provide any kickbacks like the reciprocating blade and is not more powerful.

Because of the complex design, the reciprocating saw is hard to control. In jigsaw the blades are smaller, cut slower, and easy to use and all these things make jigsaw safer blades.


The reciprocating saw doesn’t provide more accuracy so it can’t be used for precision works. But the jigsaw is made for the accurate cuts. Using the jigsaw you can do any kind of cuts like circular, parallel, curved, and bevel cuts with high accuracy.

Top 3 Jigsaw Reviews

Bosch 7.0 Amp Corded Variable Speed Barrel Grip Jig Saw

The jaw is made of an aluminum gearbox and offers a mechanism of low-vibration with enhanced accuracy. This jigsaw provides unsurpassed cut precision.

The saw has a 7.0 amp motor and it is mainly used for curve cutting. It has a soft-grip handle with upfront so that it can offer comfort to the user and also able to control it easily.

The multidirectional blade offers an excellent grip of T-shank blades and also it comes with an attached blade ejection lever that eliminates the need to touch the blades.

The saw also has a dust blower lever which collects the wood and sawdust wastes. It is used to cut materials like aluminum, wood, and wood. The saw is provided with a steady long button to offer control and comfort for the long cuts.

The machined plunging system is controlled by internal precision and the blade stroke performs the four-orbital actions.

Black Decker Jig Saw 6.0 Amp

This jigsaw comes with a tool of free blades which is easy and fast to change. And also it has onboard blade storage where you can access the blade quickly. The jaw accepts both the T and U shank blades. The jaw is known for its line finder technology that makes the cut line with greater visibility and offers high accuracy.

The jigsaw is associated with the automatic setting where you can set the dial according to the optimal setting you require.

This jigsaw is mostly used to cut wood, plastic, and metal. The bevel adjustment can be done here by using the quick action lever and indicator window. There are variable speed triggers in this saw and it offers control during the cutting of material at high speed.

It comes with a jigsaw, wood cutting blade, pen, pen holder, and 3 AAA batteries. It comes with 6 Amp motor to bring high speed.

Black Decker 20V Max

The speed cordless and lithium jigsaw offers cutting versatility and compact portability. This jaw provides excellent cuttings such as precision cuts, detailed cuts, plunge cuts, and curved lines.

The jaw can accept both the U and T shank blades. The features of this saw are a tool-free blade and this makes an easy and quick change of blade. It has a powerful motor that delivers a high speed of 2500 RPM.

The variable triggers increased the control and the 450 bevel shoe capacity will deliver cuts in both the direction. It can be used for precise cuts in woods and similar materials. The attached dust blower and a clear line of sight will make accurate and detailed cuts.

Here, the wire guard provides a clear line of sight. It is 30% more compact than the others and helps to tackle any home or furniture repairs with more control and power.

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Top 3 Reciprocating Saw Reviews:

Makita XRJ05Z

This saw has an electronically controlled brushless motor that offers high torque and RPM applications. The motor is powered by the fastest charging lithium-ion batteries. The saw is equipped with features that promote higher efficiency for cutting. It includes the LED light to illuminate the line of cut and tool of blades to changes faster.

The length of the stroke increases the cutting efficiency and the reinforced fixed shoe offers durability. The electric brakes are provided to increase productivity and it is designed by the refined crank mechanism that reduces the blade deflection and vibration.

It has a great resistance towards dust and water so that it can operate in harsh conditions. It is designed in a compact size and doesn’t weigh more so easy to use and handle. The saw is provided with a star protection control to increase the performance of the tool and also extends the battery life.

Hammerhead 6-Amp Reciprocating Saw

The reciprocating saw is used to tackle the home and workshop related repairs. It is used to cut the wood, metals, PVC, etc. The saw is designed ergonomically and also over-molded makes the grip experience more comfortable and also reduce the vibration during the cutting process.

The free tool blades are provided here but the blades can be changed by rotating the chunk. Separate blades are included if you want to cut the wood and metal. The 6-Amp powerful motor offers a speed range from 0 to 3 which leads to fast and comfortable cutting.

The pivoting foot can be adjusted to various angles and provides stability when cutting for stubborn materials. If it is using for a long time the lock-on will relieve the fatigue and the handling areas are designed with the rubber for comfort and firm grip.

It comes with a reciprocating saw, wood blades, metal blades, and Allen Key.

Chicago Electric 6-Amp Reciprocating Saw

This super convenient saw is used for the multi-functions. It comes with the components such as a reciprocating saw, wood cutting blade, metal cutting blade, and also the machine is provided with a pair of replacement brushes.

The saw is provided with a rotating handle that allows us to maintain a firm and comfortable grip. It also allows us to easily cut in the horizontal, vertical, or even in the diagonal cuts.

The handle is rotated completely through 1800 with five positive stops such as 00, 450 and 900 left, and 450 and 900 right. So you can able to cut from any angle. It is provided with a motor brush and it is easily accessible even during the rotation.

The 6-Amp powerful motor and the variable speed trigger leads to excellent precision cutting. The speed shoe pivot increases the stability and the twist-lock blade chuck provides quick and easy blade changes.

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