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How to Buy the Best Drill press for Metal – A Detailed Review

How to Buy the Best Drill press for Metal – A Detailed Review

If you are planning to start a mechanical workshop, you are in a right place now. In order to educate the new business owners like you, a review based write up is shared here about the popular drill press tools. A drill press is a kind of tool used for drilling holes in different materials such as metal, wood, and so on. This short write up can also be used as your buying guide while you shop for the best drill press for metal drilling tool. For your better understanding two product reviews, as well as an accessory review, are given under:

Hardware Factory Store 2 Way 4-Inch Drill Press

If you are looking for a durable and the best drill press for a metal tool for your workshop, the popular

Hardware Factory Store 2 Way 4-Inch Drill Press seems to be your best option. The specialty of this amazing tool is that it can easily turn your drill press into a milling machine. You can use this vice which comes with precise moving slides enabling you to cut metal holes in a precise manner. You can also integrate this tool with a lathe or other machine tools in order to hold the metal pieces in the right location as per your requirement.

This versatile Hardware Factory drill press is well designed with cast iron material and comes with highly powerful serrate steel jaws. With the use of twin, swivel crank handles you can maneuver in all directions so that you can drill with great convenience. This amazing cutting tool weighs around 18 pounds and can also be used for woodworking as well.

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Milescraft 1097 ToolStand – Drill Press Stand

If you are an owner of a metal cutting workshop, it is highly beneficial for you to have a drill press stand in order to ensure utmost firmness so that you can precisely cut holes in your cutting activities. It is here; this wonderful Milescraft 1097 Tool Stand comes in handy for you. Having this tool stand, you can perform your drilling task with assured stability with great precision. More importantly, this tool stand is compatible with the best drill press for metal tools of various brands. As per experts, it is well suited for Dremel brand drilling tools.

With its spring-loaded metal track, this stunning Milescraft 1097 Tool Stand provides flawless movement of the drill. It also enables the operator to have absolute control of the drilling activities. By locking the Integral depth stop enables the operator to have a rigorous and continuous cut of the given metal or wood. As the base of this stand made with rubber, it cannot move easily while drilling.

Shop Fox W1667 Bench-Top Drill Press

Whether you are a hobby shop owner or professional machine shop owner, you can always go for the reputed Shop Fox W1667 Bench-Top Drill Press tool. This is considered to be the best drill press for the metal cutting tools available in the market today. Being one of the best and unique oscillating models, this drill press from the famous brand Shop Fox provides unparalleled versatility. If you are willing to invest your money in a high-quality and high-performance drill press, Shop Fox looks to be a great choice for your machine shop,

This is a must-to-have Shop Fox W1667 Bench-Top Drill Press tool, which is a very compact machine that can be used for twin purposes namely drilling as well as sanding operations. It comes with a powerful motor with 0.5 HP and the half an inch drill chuck holds every drill in the most right manner for precise drilling of holes in any metal.

Drill Press Buying Guide

Having decided to buy a drill press for your new workshop, it is time for you to know some critical factors while shopping for your drilling tool. Use the following tips while choosing the best drill press for the metal tools.

  • Model type: You have the option of choosing the right type of drill press tools as per your business needs. Generally, this tool comes in two types namely floor type and benchtop type. The former one is used for large scale projects, which the latter can fit smaller tasks. Both types are highly efficient.
  • Depth stop: This is one of the salient features of all types of drill press tools. A depth stop ensures that all the holes you make on metal have the predetermined depth and such accuracy is maintained in all the holes you drill for a specific task. If you fix a two-inch hole for a task, all the holes you make in the same tasks have a depth of two-inch holes.
  • Horsepower: This is the power of the motor used in the press drill which varied from 0.5 HP to 2 HP depending on the power needed to drive the drill. The more power of the motor, the less stressed the drill bit will be. You can choose the motor’s horsepower according to your drilling needs.
  • Chuck: This is an important part of your drill press, which can be reinforced with a key to hold various sizes of drill bits. A size of 0.5-inch ability is considered to be the best option as this size can hold all sizes of drill bits used in the normal workshops.
  • Speed control: Certain drilling tasks need to be carried out with the varying speed of the drills while making holes in hard materials like metal. The speed of the motor is determined by the RPM which varies from 250 to 3000. Buy as per your drilling needs.
  • Accessories: These items include drill bits, drill press stand, in-built light, and so on. You can check the quality of these accessories and go to the top brand that matches your drill press tool.

Final thought:

Buying a drill press and its accessories need some experience. As you are a beginner, it is wise to take professional help while buying these wonderful machine tools.

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