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Best Tile Saw – Buying Guide and FAQ’s

Best Tile Saw – Buying Guide and FAQ’s

The tool market is flooded with the infinite number of tile saws you can work with, but it is essential that you pick the best from the list. We have shortlisted the most important specifications that you need to remember while searching for a tile cutter that will help you accomplish your tile installation job efficiently and effortlessly.

Accurate cutting capacity

Every tile saw model is constructed with different cutting volumes in order to accomplish diverse tasks including tough heavy task projects and simple DIY type of home installation projects. It is very essential that you first clearly understand the ‘cut finish’ you desire to accomplish and complete details of your project, before buying the perfectly fitting cutter model.

Only when you pick the best product, you can enjoy clean, accurate, and straight cuts with a fabulous professional outlook. Another feature that you need to concentrate on is to purchase the correct size and perfectly fitting blade to the tile saw, which functionality can differ according to every manufacturer.  Therefore, choose a wet tile cutter that provides maximum cutting capacity for all your projects.

Types of tile saw

If you are a fresher wondering what the best tile saw is, then you need to understand that there are basically two types of tile cutter models available – handheld tile saw and wet tile saw.

Wet tile saws are perfectly designed neat products for precise cutting and speedy operation. The difference between others and wet tile saw is its blade cooling mechanism. In this type of cutters, the blades are carefully mounted in a way to be streamed into a pool of water in order to generate the most accurate cuts for accomplishing large tile installation projects.

The water reservoir acts as a cool lubricant between the heated-up blades and the tile extensively, which helps the apparatus perform smoother and easier. It minimizes the accumulation of debris and dust.

The second type of tile saws is Masonry saws or handheld saws that are suitable for smaller projects that use thinner tile materials. Easy transportation is possible because of the lightweight and simpler design. They are affordable and handy tile saws exclusively constructed for making simpler and curved cuts, which helps in detaching tiles or fixing counter-tops.


A good tile cutting machine possesses enough power for generating the speed and torque required for slicing down the tile material with minimum effort. In case you buy a tile saw that does not possess the required power, then it might shatter or break the tiles while the grinding procedure is implemented. Check the amount of horsepower provided by every tile saw cutter before buying one and compare between models to buy the ultimate machine that can provide enough power to acquire robust, clean, and accurate cuts.

Professional or DIY cutting jobs demand tile saws with huge horsepower capacity in order to handle easily any types of tiles thrown at it to slice.

Beveling Capacity

Another important feature that you need to check in a tile saw is its capacity to create bevel cuts.  As we all know bevel cuts are produced on the edge of a tile for installation and construction building projects or decorative purposes etc.

Only a good tile saw, enriched with perfect beveling capacity can help you in cutting different shapes and diverse material types of tiles.

Regardless of the requirement of the bevel cuts, it can be made on any hard-solid material such as the stone, ceramic, or porcelain tiles. Make sure to buy a wet tile saw with a sharp blade and a tabletop that can be tilted, adjusted and locked to accomplish 45 degrees or 22.5 degrees precise bevel cuts.

The capacity of the blade

The secret of a good tile cutter is its sharp-edged blade. Any high-quality machine is not of any use if the blades are blunt or uneven. Every professional or DIY tile cutter needs to first understand the importance of buying blade that can slide through any type of hard materials like porcelain, ceramic, stone, and delicate materials like glass and mosaic with minimum or less effort.

Pick a tile saw with circular durable blades designed to grind smoothly through any hard tiles without creating any sharp edges. It is advisable to buy the best tile saw under $300 equipped with a circular diamond-tipped blade, which is highly durable and stays neat & sharper for a longer period. However, consider the following three aspects before placing your order for your tile saw in order to accomplish perfect cuts.

  • The tile material type you are working on to cut
  • The level of accurate finish you as a professional person would like to achieve
  • The speed of cutting capacity desired

It is essential that you read through the reviews, price list, and specifications of diverse tile saws and then pick the machine that meets all your requirements for a profitable and fruitful purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should buy a tile saw?

The tile saw is one of the most versatile tools available in the market, exclusively designed for anyone who is in a mission of cutting a decent number of solid tiles. Nowadays there are tiles composed of different varieties of materials like marble, porcelain, ceramics, stone, glass, and more.

A good tile cutter could be considered as the secret weapon to be possessed by any person who is in search for a tool to acquire the desired precise cuts, in order to accomplish perfect, trouble-free, and straight tile installation.

Tile saws work best for a DIY type of enthusiast who requires minimum skills and fewer tiles to slice. At the same time, it is an important tool for professional construction builders, contractors, interior decorators, and engineers who are involved in serious cutting jobs and large area tile installation projects with plenty of tile cutting processes involved.

Which type of works needs a tile saw?

A fully integrated best tile saw is the functional tool highly sought in the construction world by professional builders who are engaged in a large amount of tile cutting, a heavy number of workloads, and installation jobs.

These spectacular tile cutting tools are a perfect boon for DIY users and small industrialists who use the cutter occasionally for renovating jobs. These are handy tools that are needed for completing tile jobs like tiling your bathroom, for floor tile installation and mounting kitchen top tile projects.

How to select the perfect tile saw for my job size?

Before investing in the best wet tile saw, it is very important that you measure the area to be installed and calculate the number of tiles required to cover the surface. However, experienced professional tile fixers can tell how much tiles needed for an area at a glance.

Measure the section in square meters and buy tiles accordingly. Now that you know the job requirements and number of tiles to be installed, you can easily pick the perfect tile cutter that well suits your work.

Where to buy the best tile saw?

In today’s world of technology, every consumer is precious and possesses a great advantage of buying their favorite products through the virtual platform. There are plenty of best genuine online websites and local shops available, where you can find the ultimate choices of tile cutters.

When you are buying through virtual markets you are given the golden opportunity to read honest reviews from the other customers and then make your decision. There are also huge discounts sale coupons produced by web stores and real-life shops, exclusively for their customers to benefit.

The global virtual world helps you to check on the prices and compare the rates of a brand tile saw between various platforms. Thus, picking the best from the huge selections displayed. Good luck!

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