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Best Corded Jigsaw and Buying Guide – 2020

Best Corded Jigsaw and Buying Guide – 2020

If you are planning to equip your basic garage tool collection with effective power tools, then buying the best corded jigsaw could be the first best thing you can implement. A jigsaw is a versatile tool created for slicing diverse patterns, shapes and curves on different varieties of solid materials.

It is an amazing woodworking machine that helps in transforming a junk of wood or metal into a decorative piece of art with fascinating curves and artistic patterns.

Therefore, corded jigsaw loaded with an appropriately sized fine cutting blade and ample amount of power can eat through a wide range of materials like plywood, oak, PVC, aluminum etc. These are the most unique power tools that are exclusively constructed for cutting intricate patterns and shapes in solid woods and hard materials.

However, choosing the ultimate corded jigsaw from the wide array of brands and models available in the market could be exhausting. Therefore, we have shortlisted top pick corded jigsaw reviews in the following content, which will help you in achieving the best professional results in the cutting applications.

Best Corded Jig Saw Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

Top 5 Best Corded Jigsaw Products

Top Pick – BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C Smart Select Jig Saw, 5.0-Amp

Best Corded Jigsaw

Black Decker BDEJS600C 5.0 Amp Jig Saw is a perfect model that provides excellent performance at an affordable rate. Overall this unique tool could be considered as one of the best rated jigsaw because of the supreme cutting power generated by the 5.0 AMP motor. This product has a stable shoe platform and is designed with bevel cuts ranging to 45 degrees.

The upgraded wire guard mechanism and curved control technology help in providing comfortable movement while working. Using this best jigsaw under 50 promotes concentration which results in a more fruitful and effective outcome. The jigsaw blades can be easily fixed to the keyless clamp to ensure an accurate and smooth cut.

Ergonomic handle offers exceptional absorption and a comfortable grip for complete control of the jigsaw. The best professional jigsaw is built with a dust collection technology that is essential for keeping the corded power machine well maintained and clean. Black Decker BDEJS600C 5.0 Amp Jig Saw is an incredible tool for cutting aesthetic patterns and shapes.


  • Customize the orbit with the curve control technology, to obtain Accurate cut and brilliant performance.
  • The 5 AMP motor in this best corded jigsaw generates enough power to make precise cuts.
  • Advance wire guard technology offers comprehensible sight over the saw line for accurate cuts.
  • Sharp bevel cuts up to 45 degrees accomplished by pivoting the orbit

Runner-up – Bosch Power Tools Jig Saws – JS470E Corded Top-Handle Jigsaw

JS470E Corded Top-Handle Jigsaw

If you are a person who values supreme quality tool, then Bosch Power Tools Jig Saws – JS470E Corded Jigsaw could be your best choice. Whether you are a professional cutter or hobbyist this is best corded jigsaw for the money in the market exclusively designed for optimum results.

The 7.0 AMP motor provides an amazing quantity of power and maximum flexibility variable speed ranging from 500 to 3100 SPM respectively.

Customize the toolset to pivot the blade orbit for divergent strokes to accomplish smooth and dynamic cuts. The jigsaw’s plunging mechanism is well designed to minimize any friction or vibration for accurate and clear crisp cuts.

This best Bosch jigsaw features accelerator trigger controls and variable speed technology for smooth precise flush cutting of hard solid materials. Inbuilt precision plunging mechanism and less vibration technology ensure the unsurpassed choice of cut perfection.

The lever could be adjusted for ejecting the hot blade after a successful cutting job without burning your fingers. Dust blower maximizes the visibility of the cut line.


  • The 7.0 AMP motor provides optimum power for carrying out a cutting task efficiently and speedily.
  • This is the best corded jigsaw because of its spacious high-quality aluminum foot base along with inserted steel plate and integral bevel wrench.
  •   Internal precision technology offers to plunge precise cuts.
  • Excellent multi-directional blade clamp for better grip of blades.

Budget Friendly – BLACK+DECKER Jig Saw, 4.5 -Amp (BDEJS300C)

BLACK+DECKER Jig Saw, 4.5 -Amp (BDEJS300C)

The Black Decker jigsaw is a power packed best woodworking jigsaw and is an ultimate bargain, for both budding and professional cutter. Accomplish multiple projects by implementing speedy accurate cuts through any metal or wooden or hard materials with a robust 4.5 AMP motor that allows you to customize tempo up to 3000 SPM.

The stable sturdy base gives maximum control and firm grip while working. Plus, with an integral dust blower that assists in keeping the workspace clean and free from accumulation of sawdust.

The new and upgraded Wire Guard Sightline technology enhances the cut line visibility for smooth, accurate and crisp cuts.

The compact handy best jigsaw tool is designed to ensure rugged and comfort for completing tedious jobs with minimal effort. The machine allows you to create fascinating designs such as square, curved, straight etc. on huge chunks of solid woods or metals.

This is a highly functional corded jigsaw designed for giving a professional finish to all your installation projects at home or office.


  • The 4.5 AMP motor provides enough power to accomplish a cutting job with ultra perfection.
  • The upgraded version of Wire Guard Sightline technology enhances visibility to the workpiece cutline.
  • Uniquely integrated bevel wrench helps in enabling smooth angled, speedy and accurate cuts.
  • This best corded jigsaw possesses an integrated dust blower helps in cleaning the debris and sawdust.

Bosch 7.0 Amp Corded Variable Speed Barrel-Grip Jig Saw JS470EB

Bosch 7.0 Amp Corded Variable Speed Barrel-Grip Jig Saw JS470EBBosch Corded variable Barrel Grip jigsaw JS470EB is a powerful versatile tool used for slicing intricate patterns and curves through a variety of solid materials. This best orbital jigsaw will feel perfect in your hands and less vibration ensures comfort while maneuvering tedious tasks.

Tool-less blade ejection feature safeguards your hands from potential burns and cuts. Adequate multi-directional blade clamp system prevents bending of the T-Shank blades and keeps the tool gliding on a proper track.

Dust blower is designed to clear sawdust from the path, in order to increase the visibility of the patterns, cut line and the material for the operator.

The smooth and firm grip of the handle gives optimum control and comfort to this Bosch corded jigsaw. Easy storage and transportation made possible with the attached carrying case.


  • This best corded jigsaw model is loaded with7.0 AMP motor that emits plenty of power for cutting through wide range of materials and applications.
  • Long chords and easily maneuverable controls produce maximum comfort.
  • Orbits of the Blades can be easily customized for rough and smooth cuts.
  • The machine can be tilted up to 45-degree bevel cuts.

TACKLIFE Advanced 6.7 Amp 3000 SPM Jigsaw

TACKLIFE Advanced 6.7 Amp 3000 SPM Jigsaw Tacklife Advanced 6.7 AMP is a handheld power tool, designed exclusively to cut exciting patterns and curves in wood, metal, plastic and more. It is a high quality versatile and the best cheap jigsaw available for an affordable price.

The sturdy base plate can be bevelled and customized to produce comfortable cuts up to 45 degrees extensively.

Ample amount of power at a variable speed of 3000 strokes per minute is generated with the copper-coated 6.7 AMP motor.

This could be considered as one of the best jigsaw under 100. It emits minimum heat, which offers efficient precise cuts and prolonged life for the jigsaw. The integrated LED Light highlights the cut line for maximizing accuracy in cuts.


  • This best corded jigsaw provides Laser power functions along with the LED for optimum results.
  • Adjust the bevel angle cuts from 0 to 45 degrees and control the speed with lock speed technology.
  • Control the 4 orbital positions for smooth, crisp clean and accurate cuts.
  • Dust blower is designed to blow away sawdust and maintain a clean environment while working.

Makita 4329K 3.9 Amp Variable Speed Top-Handle Jig Saw

Makita 4329K 3.9 Amp Variable Speed Top Handle Jig SawMakita Top Handle Jig Saw blends power and excellence, which helps in completing cutting projects with perfect accuracy. This best jigsaw for cutting metal is loaded with a 3.9 AMP motor that produces enough power to accomplish solid wood and metal cutting jobs.

It is a compact lightweight model that weighs 4.2 pounds, which allows you to carry it comfortably. However, vibration is minimized with the specially designed counterweight base balancing mechanism.

Ergonomically crafted rubber layered handle provides a strong grip over the machine for sturdy control while performing tedious cutting tasks.

Adjust and channelize the orbit speed for different types of flush cutting with the three featured settings. Tilt the die-cast aluminum base system to an appropriate angle position from 0 up to 45 degrees for better bevel cuts.


  • The versatile ripped base can be adjusted to accomplish flexible bevel cuts ranging from 0 to 45 degrees.
  • The robust 3.9 AMP motor in the best corded jigsaw produces more than enough power for marvellous cutting performance.
  • Rubber grip handle offers control and comfort.
  • Slice easily through a variety of hard solid materials with the 3 orbital settings.
  • Cutline visibility is enhanced with the integrated dust portal that keeps working space clean from sawdust and debris accumulation.

Buying Guide

Important features to consider before buying the best product, from the endless numbers of corded jigsaws flooding the power tool markets.


Every jigsaw is constructed with diverse power capacity that ranges from 350 watts to more than 1000 watts.

Whether you are a hobbyist or DIY person or a passionate professional, first analyze properly and choose the model that supplies ample power for accomplishing your particular cutting needs. Another important feature to concentrate is the optimum cutting depth that the product can offer.

Stroke rate

Select a jigsaw with an option to change the strike rate. The Variable Speed Drive technology allows the operator to control the speed of cutting and stroke rate, according to the solidity of the materials used. The jigsaw blade striking rate reaches up to 3500 strokes per minute.

By switching the fixed stroke rate button, the stroke rate will remain unchanged and smooth adjustments can be made throughout the cutting process.


Concentrate on the sturdiness of the base plate, which is very essential while cutting a huge chunk of wood or metal etc. The platform needs to be solid enough and highly recommend the one made of strong steel or die-cast aluminum material.

Therefore, if you have the burning question – what is the best jigsaw to buy, then we highly recommend choosing a cutting model with a smooth working base to avoid scratches.


Basically, there are two types of handles installed in modern jigsaw models, such as the top handle and barrel grip handle.

The barrel grip handle is perfect for professional cutters because it allows the operator to hold the handle with both hands-on ledge shank handle without sticking another hand on the material.

The top handle model allows you to hold with a strong grip on the ergonomic handle while with the other hand holding on to the workpiece without overlapping the cutline visibility.

Saw Blade

The secret of a highly functional jigsaw cutter is its sharp-edged straight blade. If the blades are blunt or bending then it creates unnecessary pressure on the engine, which heats or melts the work material.

Accuracy of cuts depends on the jigsaw tooth size. Aggressive rough cuts can be obtained by fixing blades with bigger and wider teeth.

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Frequently asked questions

Who should buy a corded jigsaw?

A jigsaw is a vital tool for carpenters and any person working on decorative patterns and curves with woods and other solid metal types.

This is a crucial product for slicing circular curved cuts through woods, plastic, metal and other hard materials.

Jigsaws are a handy tool for craft creators, interior decorators, engineers, constructors, DIY people and also budding woodworkers.

Which type of works needed a corded jigsaw?

Completely well-equipped jigsaw is a highly functional product that is sought in the world of professional architects, woodworkers and homeowners with a DIY spirit.

The best corded jigsaw is a portable cutting machine that can be twisted and turned comfortably to slice curves on wood and solid materials with diverse density and depth.

How to select the perfect jigsaw for my work?

There are many important factors to be taken into consideration before investing in the best corded jigsaw. The first factor to be examined is the power of the installed motor and strokes per minute generated by the tool.

Next check the compatibility of the installed blades, durability and portability provided by the product, for creating extravagant curves and precise cuts.

Where can we buy the best corded jigsaw?

The new world of technology is flooded with a wide variety of power jigsaw tools. Whether you are a woodworker or homeowner, anyone with a passion to create wonderful clean cuts can grab their heart’s desire with well-equipped power machines at nearby tool stores or online portals.

The global virtual platforms allow you to compare quality and prices between different brands and models. Utilize and benefit through the discount coupons offered by real-life retailers and virtual stores. Good luck!


Purchasing the best corded jigsaw could be considered as a jackpot for those with a vision to achieve accurate curves and creative shapes in their installation projects. But you might be excited with the question- who makes the best jigsaw? Relax, for the above article is loaded with rich informative resources, exclusively for carpenters, architects and DIY enthusiasts across the globe to buy the ultimate jigsaw tool cutter.

Any home renovation or professional projects requires efficient robust tools and a jigsaw leads the power tool batch. Never push the machine too hard while cutting curves and it is essential that you create beautifully intricate patterns without damaging the workpiece. It is very essential to maintain your jigsaw machine for long-lasting durability and precisely smooth accurate cuts.

Accomplish your goal by choosing best corded jigsaw that well suits your budget, works size and also a type of material to be cut. Picking a decent corded jigsaw from the wide array of jigsaw displayed could be challenging. We will keep you updated with quality statics regarding fresh technology introduced along with genuine reviews.